Do you have a wet bar in your game room?


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Jun 22, 2018
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I put in a dry bar this summer, and you will want a sink and faucet a lot. Is there a bathroom sink nearby in your basement? (Never mind looks like there is). You’re probably fine skipping the wet bar option

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Yes there is a bathroom in the basement. I think we’ll make the bathroom sink bigger than a regular bathroom sink. Maybe that will help with the cleaning/pouring out drinks.


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Aug 4, 2015
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This is a great idea. I’ll definitely be looking into this option more. It saves space at the bar by not having the keg there. Thank you!

Amazing! This is pretty much what we had in mind. A walk up wet bar. Except a fridge where you have your kegerator. But now looking more like no sink as well. :(

I had no idea on this ice maker option. I think this is the way to go. You’re right in that we’d only really need the ice when we have people over. Thank you!
I have a fridge and a kegarator. The fridge is on the left, keg in center.


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Nov 5, 2014
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Orlando, FL
One of my biggest regrets when I built my current house is that I did not pay the extra to have a bathroom and lines for a wet bar installed in my bonus room/mancave.

The good news is that I already have a closet that could be repurposed as a half-bath, and the downstairs plumbing is close enough that I wouldn't have to tear up a bunch of walls to run water lines up here. I'm going to get some quotes next year and if it's not outrageously expensive, I'm going to get it done.


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Jul 29, 2013
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I'll add my 2 cents in here since I was in your shoes about 3 years back, be it with a much smaller space (the finished part of my basement is only about 325 SF).

Overall bar setup - I always recommend a walk-up bar unless you have oodles of space and a full time bartender. It provides the needed counter space plus an area to put a mini fridge or two underneath. My bar is 7' long overall with ~5' of completely clear countertop space for snacks and areas to pour drinks, it's worked out pretty good so far. I full walk behind bar may up the "wow" factor in a room, but IMHO I'd rather give folks more space to move around. Here's a quick snap of my setup:


Wet bar - this sums it up:
However, I Made sure to have the perfect wet bar setup in my new house. HONESTLY...the only one that will notice the difference is you. As long as you have beer fridges...your peeps won't care. However, I LOVE my wet bar and dish washer now!! Makes my life so much easier at the end of the night!!

Benefits of a wet bar depend largely on how you entertain. If everyone is a beer drinker and you typically have bottles/cans only, I probably wouldn't bother. If you plan on installing a tap at some point, I'd highly recommend it - and tie your tap spill plate to the drain. If you have a lot of glasses for bourbon/scotch/mixed drinks, I'd also highly recommend it. The sink I have is pretty small - I typically don't it use it as a full glass washing station, but it's definitely a big plus to be able to dump/rinse empties. You'll likely be the only person to ever use it, but it's really nice to have and doesn't take up much counter space. I was on the fence when laying out my bar design and I'm 100% happy with the decision to put it in.

I saw a few comments on mini-fridges. I have the small one under the bar plus the keg fridge, and then have a larger stand-up fridge in another room. For larger games where I know there will be more beer drinkers, I'll simply put out a few small coolers around the room. That way no one has to climb around folks seated at a table, they just lean back and grab one out of the cooler. Low tech and not as fancy but it works and saves some space when the room isn't being used for a large poker game.

I have one of those table top ice makers that have been posted here on my wish list, I've seen then at other parties and they seem to work pretty well.

My overall room build is here, I know sometimes just browsing through pics can inspire ideas:

Best of luck with construction!


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Aug 4, 2020
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The unit I live in is actually a hotel/resort even though it has a full kitchen, living room, office, etc. The previous owner had a dresser in the spare bedroom to comply with the hotel requirements. I originally pulled all of the drawers out to put the beer fridge under the counter but after getting the table and chairs in I realized there just wasn’t enough room. I’m just waiting on a cabinet to put up now.
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