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If there’s a big $10k or $25k event starting today, he’d rather fire multiple bullets at some other event today, then after he gets knocked out, go late register for the big event tomorrow. And max late regging in those things usually starts at like 20bb, so how much of a chance do you really have?
I know his mantra this year is “quality over quantity” but he’s still allowing for plenty of quantity over quality in my opinion. I’d rather see him play even fewer events, but play them from the start. But hey, safe to say he’s smarter about this stuff than me.
I'm not the most eloquent, but it makes sense for professionals to late reg the majority of tournaments. The main event is a big exception where its worth showing up and catching the "bucket list" punters but otherwise your chips are just worth so much more buying in late closer to the bubble and many players will be doing the same. His edge is way smaller in the $25k freezeout as compared to the $200 hit-eachother-with-bats turbo tournaments and he'd rather buyin when its worth more. He's more likely to cash and win when he is late-regging.

I just recently cited this book cause its fresh in my mind, Endgame Poker by Dara O'Kearney has an entire chapter on why its more profitable to be buying in late to most tournaments. I'm purely recreational so I'll be showing up early smiling like an idiot because that's why I play, but for people who's time at the table makes them lots more money it makes sense to play more efficiently.

You're buying in after others have already contributed to the prize pool and been knocked out. In your example, he's playing big field/high variability tournaments to see if he can build a stack to overcome variance, but when it comes to large buyins where his skill edge is less he won't be in a rush to buyin to play against killers for more hands.

Math = Buy-in later, chips worth more and he can play short stack very well.
Exploitative = buy-in early and ask them where they're from with a smile. Higher variance but big skill edge overcomes.

All of this is said second-hand, I'd advise the book. I need to read it again to fully understand it. Its dense but very well-written.
I stopped playing the $1500 dealers choice event because 2/3 of the pool late regs and fires multiple bullets at PLO and HE and the rest just call single draw 2-7 NL and try to get it in. For the potential of what a low stakes mixed game WSOP event offers, the reality actually kinda sucks.

Straight cash homie.
I stopped playing the $1500 dealers choice event For the potential of what a low stakes mixed game WSOP event offers, the reality actually kinda sucks.
And that's just one of the problems with allowing late registration. Blame the organizers.

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