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Sep 30, 2022
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Going to build my first poker table and have been searching alot through the forums and have a few questions if anyone with knowledgeable insight could help I would greatly appreciate.

First my plan is to build a 90x44 10 person table with a 6” wide raised 1” rail.

For the wood…..I have read Ill need 3 sheets of 3/4” plywood. BUT I have also seen people say they use 3/4” for the base….then use 1/2” for the playing surface and the rail.

I really want to build this one time without any regrets.

But I also like the idea of using 1/2” for decreasing the weight and costs of materials.

So my questions:

1) What type of wood should I use? Normal Hd/Lowes Plywood? Maple plywood? Advantages to either?

2) What wood Thickness’ should I use for the playing surface and rail? I plan to use 3/4” for the base.

You can really use any kind of plywood. The pieces that are covered by felt don't have to be maple, but I prefer a smooth, finished wood. I think I used birch, it was cheaper. The bottom support piece can be any type of plywood, as it is underneath. It sounds like with 3 pieces of plywood that is the design you are using. Don't used MDF. Heavy as crap and will swell if it gets wet.

Do you plan to move your table around? I tend to move mine in and out of storage. I could not move a 3/4 plywood double thick table. I eventually took the bottom piece of plywood off and can move a single thickness 3/4 inch table by myself. But it is hard.

I have a nicely made 5/8 thick ply table that is easier to move and plenty stiff. I don't have experience with 1/2 inch, but I think that would probably work. If you don't plan to move it. Go nuts with the thickness but get good legs.
Thanks @XBobdog I do plan on moving the table around quite frequently as it will be in my two car garage that has become my man cave.

I already have everything I need…except the wood….ha.

I went with the following:
Rail Foam: 1” HD Rail Foam from YAT
Whisper Vinyl from YAT
Playing Surface Foam: 3/10 HD Open Cell Foam from YAT
Legs: Gorilla poker Table Legs
Felt: Custom made from Chanman
Cup Holders: Jumbo Dual Size from Casino Supply
Led Lights: with with Govee RGBIC rope Lights

Ill look at getting 5/8 wood. Thanks for the suggestion! I really want it sturdy but I also dont want it to weigh a ton!
Where did you get the 3/10" High Density Poker Foam (Open Cell)? I’m looking on YAT but it’s sold out
Where did you get the 3/10" High Density Poker Foam (Open Cell)? I’m looking on YAT but it’s sold out
Got it from YAT, ordered it about 2 weeks ago. Turn around time was quick! Had it in about 4 days.

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