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Mar 8, 2014
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Phase lll at Del Boca Vista
Ok so I have 1 extra sample set that I want to give away (postage on me anywhere in the world) just because I want give back to all the great chipaholics on here that are so eager and willing to help out others.

I have done something like this before with a Huron Poker sample set and it was fun so I am doing it again,

The instructions in the OP are VERY IMPORTANT though so please follow them to a 'T' and be honest. Honesty is HUGE in the poker world so I assume everyone will play nice and on the level :)

Here are the rules...
Grab a deck of cards... shuffle them well (dont peak).

Deal yourself 2 cards randomly. You can deal a ghost heads up hand if you want etc.

These are your two hole cards (1 hand per person only).

Post your hand.

Now here is the catch and a bit of work on your part. Start at post #2 and take out of your deck every card that someone has posted. For example if someone posts in post 2 that they dealt out KJs and someone in post 3 has 36sc then you must take out those exact 4 cards from your deck, shuffle it up and deal yourself.

Once you post, check the post just above yours to make sure there is not a duplication of yours if its posted about the same time. if there is a dupe, just edit your post and shuffle up again without those cards in your deck. repost.

Limiting this to 14 players to allow extra cards minus the board cards for excitement.

This is fun though or it should be! I will post the flop Monday night about 9pm est.
Turn mid week and river at the end of the week. Best 5 card hand wins the set



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glad i got in early so i could lock up the 10 of clubs and three of hearts. you guys are so hosed.
Not sure if you'll allow this entry. I'm out of town and can't find a deck of cards at the in-laws so used a random card generator.

9c 5s

If it's not valid I understand. I was going to ask for someone's ghost hand but at least this way I put in some effort.

Very cool idea! Good luck to all very nice chips!

Dealt using my sun Cruz casino cards :). I'm sure the board will be rags lol
great idea,
pair of tens (h s),
Edit : I realize I forgot to remove moscow's queens (h d), but no matters I think.

before the flop opens, I wonder if we could have the % done by an expert ?
Qh 4s
Thanks for the contest. If I win, I'll donate the set to someone who has not gotten a sample set of these marvellous chipes.
Same here if I win. I'll send out to those who missed out on a sample set. Speaking of which, did they ship? :)

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