Dealers Choice Mid 50's Birthday Game/FEB 4th (1 Viewer)


Royal Flush
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Nov 6, 2014
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I'm hosting a two table Dealers Choice game on SAT FEB 4th. We can start around 2 if there is interest. Otherwise, it will be a 5 pm start time. Also, if there any out of towners show up, I can probably make this a two day game. There are enough Michigan hosts that I could probably find someone to run a Friday night game.

FWI, the SAT night game will either be at my house, or at a friends house in Wayne (20 minutes east of me).

The event will be locked at 16 players. I will be sending out invites to my locals in a few days.

Dinner will be on me SAT. night. Probably pizza, because that shit is easy.

Priority will go to the peeps that I have played with in the past.

Thanks for reading!


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