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Jul 29, 2013
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Want to take advantage of ABC's current 15% off promotion without waiting for the chips to be made? What to save an extra $60 on top of that? Look no further!

Up for sale is my 2 table 10k tourney set. The set has been used twice, so about half have seen a few hours of felt time and some have never been used. There's a reason these chips don't come up for sale too often - they're awesome. And before you ask "then why the hell are you selling them, dumb ass?" (and before my locals freak out that these are for sale) - I'll tell you. When I bought this set, I subsequently added some 43mm bounty chips, and ever since I've been itching to get a full tourney set of all 43mm chips. So if these sell, in true scrub donkey fashion they will be replaced by the same DDLM chips - just all 5mm larger. :LOL: :laugh: I'm looking to take advantage of Gene's current sale as well, so this sale will have a pretty short fuse.

Breakdown - good for 2 full tables of T10k 12/12/5/6 starting stacks with 20 rebuys and extras for color-ups or T20k 12/12/5/6/2 freeze out with extras for color-ups.

T25 - 245
T100 - 245
T500 - 105
T1k - 140
T5k - 45
Pink NCV (I use these for bounties) - 20
800 chips total (all 39mm)

I have these priced below the current ABC sale to make it worth someone's while, which would be $475ish depending on shipping from ABC. Buy this set at $415 shipped via USPS large flat rate box (US only). You're essentially getting a new set at the pre-production group buy price. Post any interest here then follow up with a PM. Racks not included.

I would be OK splitting in half, but ALL would have to be accounted for, and then shipping to each would be extra.

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Full set is still available.
If you guys want to split these, it'd be $215 each shipped in the US via USPS.

@cgpilot I just saw your other thread, this would be a great fit for your budget. :tup:
I’m interested but I’m going to hold off at the moment. I’m new to this, looking for my first set, and still have some samples coming in the mail next week. Want to check them out before I commit. Thanks!
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