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Nov 7, 2014
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Los Angeles
Anybody know anything about these. They look like chipcos. Value?
Hi uclaure, I was looking around for info about these as I also have a couple of these chips. Someone on the old ChipTalk.net forum pointed me to them and I purchased a few blacks and reds back in 2007. Here's a bit of information, hth:

Back then I was looking for just a couple of nice looking poker chips with a nice sound to them for shuffling. Like a fidgeting toy. CT user "plagueboy" suggested getting some chipco ceramics. CT had a sponsor section and TheChipLab.com was one of the sponsors. On https://web.archive.org/web/20080209212906/http://www.chiptalk.net:80/forum/thechiplab-com-offers/ you can see some of their offers from around that time. The Dan Dickau Charity Classic thread is still at the top on that archived page. Attached are some photos I saved from that thread.

I then was in contact with Chase Schwatka and Drew Rosa from thechiplab.com. The price was $1 a chip at that point.

This article by Lou Krieger has a little bit of background:

Good News: Customize your own poker chips online
Speaking of chips, TheChipLab.com is an online company that sells customized poker chips to the home market, giving the poker enthusiast an option of owning chips produced by two of the largest casino manufacturers in the US.

Their web site allows customers to use software to custom design their own casino-quality poker chips, which sell for $280 for a set of 300 chips, and $469 for 500.

It’s all the brainchild of 22 year old Chase Schwatka, who enlisted Portland Trailblazer basketball player Dan Dickau, to help him tap into the growing number of poker players looking for unique chip sets to support home games.

The entire venture began as a school project. Schwatka met Eric Pozzo, chief operating officer and finance officer of CSI Digital in Sherwood, Ore at the University of Portland, during Pozzo’s tenure as the college’s entrepreneur in residence. Schwatka took TheChipLab concept from an academic exercise into the real world, and Pozzo jumped in as a major investor.

Buyers can go online and choose one of 17 chip templates and customize it by adding photos, artwork, designs and wording.

Sounds like a terrific product. Good luck to Chase Schwatka, Dan Dickau, and Eric Pozzo in their venture.


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