Custon Cloths, which way do you display them? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 23, 2013
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Do you position your custom cloth so the design faces the room? or do you have it displayed so it's facing you (where you'd normally sit)?



Most casino cloths face outward from the dealer station. For home tables with a dealer station, I've seen it done both ways (outwards, and facing the dealer) - simply a matter of personal preference.

If there is no dealer station, I don't think it matters. Sit where you want. :)
Thanks for all the tips. With a lighted rail table the direction/orientation has to be determined upfront so the power cord can run the correct way.
Not if you use batteries instead of AC..... and you have the perfect legs to hide them. :)
Not if you use batteries instead of AC..... and you have the perfect legs to hide them. :)

I'd love to explore the battery option, so long as it doesn't require tons of electrical knowhow...

I'm guessing the black box is the transformer that converts the 120 into 12v? So if I went with some sort of 12v battery, I could forgo the black box?

If I went with a battery system, what is my expected battery life?

Any help on how to achieve this would be appreciated.

If you're going to use it in televised games, have it face towards the dealer so that it's oriented towards the camera.

If you're not going to use it in televised games, have it face away from the dealer to your guests.
On televised tables, it's set to be readable by the dealer because that's the way the camera points, too. Non - TV tables usually have it face the players.

For home, I definitely think it looks better to face the room, so it's readable by guests even when there's no game.

It's art for the room for more time than it's a table, so decorate the room properly.
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I concur with Mental Nomad. Facing the room so it can be seen in all of it's glory.

I've decided to orient the logo to face the room. Even though my normal playing position is on the opposite side (with my back to the wall).
Mine is circular and the table gets moved for the bigger table often enough that I've stopped caring which way it faces. Typically though I have the logo face the room and is opposite of where I sit.

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