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Now that I have my RIVER RAT chips, I can reveal my cut cards.

Ok. I really like the green. Think I'm going to go Green/Silver/Black/Red for the Samurai

View attachment 1161737View attachment 1161738View attachment 1161739View attachment 1161740View attachment 1161741View attachment 1161742

Available in 6 colors: Gold, Black, Red, Blue, and Green brushed aluminum with color matching edges. Silver is matte and has a beveled edge.
2 sizes available: bridge and poker

Formal design $6.99 double sided
Plus shipping

Solid formal sampler 6 pack $30 delivered
Includes 1 of each color
Samplers are not mix and match colors but you can mix and match sizes.
Send a pm to order

Single Sided $5.99
Double Sided $7.99
The following designs are available with no minimums:
Kem Arrow, Samurai Palace, Rounders

1 Sided laser etched $5.99 each
2 Sided laser etched $7.99 each

Artwork ready submissions have no minimum and are print on demand.
Artwork that needs formatting have a minimum of 8 cards. I'll let you know if I'm able to format your submission. Contact me if you are unsure of what you have.
If you don't have artwork you'll need to reach out to an artist who can help you create your image. I'm happy to work directly with your artist to help them format the file. I have very limited skills in illustrator and can't create artwork from scratch.

Artwork submissions need to be in vectored format. Commonly used programs are illustrator and inkscape(freeware).
Images should be on a single layer and a single color as the cut cards are made by burning off the anodized surface anywhere there is color in the graphic leaving a grayish silver color on the surface.
The image can't have overlapping graphics and should use "Fill" and "No Fill" for the image and not "Stroke". Very small details may not show on the final image. Simple images like the following work best. If you have images like these black and white examples and its not vectored it will be pretty easy for me to use it anyways. Don't be afraid to reach out and I can help.
View attachment 1168063View attachment 1168064View attachment 1168066View attachment 1168067
Below is a great example of how artwork should be converted:
Thanks to @Racer96 for letting me use his artwork as an example.

Here is an incredible illustrator file that is NOT usable as is.
View attachment 1168069
Here is the same file converted for burning.
View attachment 1197134

Send me a pm with the following information:
Size: Bridge or Poker or both (each size requires adjustments for burning}
# of sides: Front or Front/Back
Total # of cards you're looking to order.
Let me know what type of artwork you have. Don't worry if its not ready. I can help by either working with it or pointing you in the right direction.

I'm happy to answer any questions and if your request is something I can do I'll give you my email to send your artwork to.

Thanks so much!
I wanna order 8 of your aluminum cut cards with the rounders images, but I don't see how I can PM you...

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