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Aug 1, 2014
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Great White North
So after months of planning to develop and submit an order to CPC I was reminded what an awesome product Sunfly has with their Polyinno hybrid chips. Ceramic chips with a custom label/inlay (let's not start this and now I'm not sure again.

So Lets see some of their work in pics! Even if it's the pre-made lines they offer.
good luck in your quest, quicksilver. i would definitely encourage you to get samples (as always, obv). i remember not caring much for sunfly's blanks a few years ago, but then i like the 39mm blank from CPC and at least one of their ceramic lines appears to be sunfly. if their main chip is also sunfly, i'll have to revise the opinion i formed years ago about them. at any rate, i'm sure you'll have plenty of shuffling time before you have to make a decision.

see below for a few sets on sunfly blanks:




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