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Jan 31, 2020
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I needed some chip stands for my singles and figured out why not try make something on my own using LEGO?

The result are slim, inconspicuous stands that work with chips of all sizes (well, I only tried from 39 to 50 mm), with or without airtite, as well as dealer buttons. The chips can nicely rest on the stand while still showing their whole face and edges.

20220115_223855.jpg 20220115_224527.jpg 20220115_223915.jpg

Figured out I would offer them to you guys as well, in case there is interest. The stands are available in black, white and some other colors that I would need to check on request.

Price: $2 ea, with possible quantity discounts. PM me if interested!

(More observant members might have noticed the missing Lakeshore 50c, which is correct, still missing that one!)

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