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Jun 21, 2023
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Las Vegas, NV
With the WSOP underway, we are getting a lot of enquiries about our custom poker layouts. We design, print and sell countless casino table game layouts per year. Our volume means our prices are super competitive. We only use Casino grade gaming suede because our layouts are used in Casinos around the world and need to hold up to rigorous play.

If you have your own print ready design file or work with one of the quality designers on here, then prices excluding shipping are:
7 Ft - $100 USD
8 Ft - $110 USD
9 Ft - $120 USD

If you want to work with one of our designers add $25/hr to design time. At this subsidized rate, we own the design and will make any subsequent reprints at the above price. Depending on complexity this is usually in the 1-3 hour range.

Once the design file is received, standard processing time means we are usually shipping within 10 days depending on our backlog. If you are working with an event deadline we can talk about that early in the process to ensure we can meet any needed deadlines. We do offer expedited printing and shipping options.

I'll answer what I can on here but you'll get better support by calling or emailing us directly to work with the right folks.

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