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Feb 22, 2020
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Hi all,

I have a group of please willing to pay $2-4K for a well made round poker table with some custom logos. What sites would you guys recommend for quality construction? I could do a google search but it would be a shot in the dark so I figured I’d as here.
Chanman. Excellent quality and customer service, connoisseur and poker player and host himself, having amassed huge experience also from building tables for this forum's very demanding members.

Bear in mind that round becomes dysfunctionally huge if for 10. I 'd make a round-ish oval in your shoes.
And welcome to PCF!
Thank you guys! Appreciate the welcome.
We understand round isn’t perfect but it’s going in the men’s locker room of a golf club so we have to work with what’s allowable. We’re thinking a 7 foot custom round might be doable. Chanman’s in Canada, think he’ll ship to the states?
He most definitely does. Keep in mind that the prices on his website are in Canadian dollars. So don’t forget to apply the exchange rate.
The stubborn old men have calculated they’d rather 26 inches of chair space each than having a smaller table. We’ll see how it goes - might try a decagon.
84 inch diameter round?:eek:
First, if you have the room for such a table, you probably already have room for 2 normal oval tables.
Second and most important, nobody will be able to reach anywhere near to the center of the table, and, if players are over 40 (or have served in the Artillery:D), they 'll have a hard time hearing each other's words or seeing what the cards are.

Round is the best shape for interaction purposes, be it discussion or any game, but it has its limits, since it takes up more space than any other shape for a given circumference accomodating a given number of people.
I wonder if you can even get felt in that width.
Also, at that circumference that’s over 26” of space per person.
Its actually what Tony at Chanman said. Felt is going to be hard to come by at that size.
we have one dedicated area for poker with a room. They’ll allow us to go big and round to match everything else in the room but not oval and no more than one. We’d like a table for 10 so we’re trying to make it work as best we can. We’re currently using a large banquet table. Like this


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I think you're probably going to max out at 60" diameter , including rail. Only other thing I can think of is something that can fold in half, and I don't know if you'd wan a big seam in the middle. You'll probably need some sort of croupier's rake to push the chips around.
Honestly if you can do a 7 ft round a 4x8 oval should work...and be way more practical. But I know it's hard to teach old dogs.....I'm still playing nickel 7 card stud with my wife's family instead 25c hold em.
So what table did you purchase. I can't build them that cheap but wondering what you get for 2-4 k
Thanks for asking. Chanman did a great job and we were close to pulling the trigger on his design and set up when the group pulled the funding and how the game died with COVID being so strong in this area. We are hoping to revisit the idea down the road.
So what table did you purchase. I can't build them that cheap but wondering what you get for 2-4 k

Can you post some of your builds?

I'm guessing theres probably alot of cool elaborate woodwork if $4k is considered cheap.

Wow!! These are impressive. They would definitely stand out as the centerpiece in any mancave, etc.

The first table: how is the table used when the playing surface is removed? (the lower surface with wheel design). Is it for board games?

The 2nd table would be much better without those chip trays. But I guess you got to build them how the client wants.

It's one of those things with any poker chip fanatic (or maybe just me) - poker chips MUST be stacked during play. To me, racking is only for storage purposes. For some irrational reason, I get irked when I see a table with racks at each seat. Usually takes up way too much real estate on a table.
Both tables one using a 36" glass insert and the other using a 48" glass insert allows you to put collectible items under the glass when not playing poker

One is a NASCAR table and the other a YIN YANG table dedicated towards martial arts..

I have one table I still want to build for myself. It will be aimed at Britain's most notorious prisoner. Charles Bronson. I considered this table to be my next and final table after Tom Hardy made the movie...I have ebony and walnut I think I will use in this one...I'm impressed by Mark Lackley poker and game tables. I will use some of his features on myone including the pedistal and wood about the edges I think. I'm not one for copying other woodworkers so I'm iunsure..




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If it's a Texas hold 'em game stacking chips is the choice since so many stacks can move around the table during a game. My prefered and normal dealer call games because I dont like hold em doesn't require that many chips and games usually only having 5 players. Using .25 cent and $1 chips with the $5 don't require a lot and chip trays seem to be the best option. I also have taKen a fancy to poker pits which will be a little different in my next table...
Hi everyone,
Bringing this old thread back to life.
Chanman was great, we had to delay the purchase until now. Unfortunately I reached out and he’s so great…he’s not taking orders. He’s backed up 16 months and doesn’t want anyone waiting that long. We are on the waitlist but can anyone recommend another table maker?
We are likely looking for a decagon for 10 shipped to CT with a logo in the middle.
If you understand French, the best table maker in the Europas is Pascal Jarque, in southern France.
It will cost you x3 the price, due to transcontinental shipping, Customs fees and him being probably the most expensive table maker in the world. And I repeat, you have to understand some French.

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