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Aug 1, 2014
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Hello. As you can see I'm new here on PCF. I've been on CT for a long time now. Long story short I have been off work for an injury. I have been passing time doing some custom label work for RHC chips mostly. I have samples for sale on eBay and CT and it was suggested to me by one of your members I should make available my services here as well. So here it is!

As pictured below are the labels I have readily available. Namely the CP's, GV's and Mapes. I am still taking requests and the turn around time is usually a few days for a workable/printable file. I am not a pay-by-hour guy. I just cant bring myself to charge for "hours". So basically any request that doesn't involve the impossible is done for next to nothing. I do charge .15¢ /label. This obviously includes a modest charge for my time and effort. I don't think that $15/100 labels is an atrocious cost and the finished product is something I would happily stand behind.

I'm not sure if your site has a Marketplace but if you do you can find my ad in there. I don't want to break any rules on my first post. :D

For more info feel free to PM me or via email


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I'm actually amazed at how well they turned out. I skinned a bunch of RHCs I have laying around and they looked awesome. The CP inlay is definitely one of a kind.
Sorry for the delay. I don't use my computer for forums enough! I don't actually own my own printer. I use a small shop not far from my home. The lady who runs it is simply awesome. When I first approached her about doing these it was for a big workplace tournament I was organizing and needed a bunch of chips done ASAP. She was intrigued and worked very closely with me to sort out the best formats and set up to simplify the printing end of it. In the last few months I have done work for many people, all in all designed and printed close to 4000 labels. Admittedly I did some labels for Craig D; a member here on the site after he saw my set posted on "the other site". He is happy with them. I am frankly embarrassed. I devoted little time to the project and the results were just ok. I would happily do them over for him if he would contact me.
I am currently not working after an injury has obliterated my knee. As I await surgery I am killing time doing custom work. so if anybody has any requests gimme a pm or email me at
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My players think they are real casino chips and have know idea that are labeled

I'm going to get 250 25 cent GV labels in a couple of weeks

PS Perfectionists are never happy but there work is outstanding
Terrible's Primary Customs are now available for any denomination both St. Joseph and Lagrange. Same price as others. Available laminated or non laminated. Samples to be made available soon. Again, Non laminated are highly recommended when applying to RHC chips!!IMG_20140812_161119.jpg
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