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Dec 23, 2019
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Long Island
October 22nd will be cutoff for artwork.
October 29th will be cutoff for payment.
October 31st will be date the order is placed.

What this is:

This is a group buy intended to allow you to bring your own design and have your own plastic cut cards produced and to reach MOQs and scale discounts from a commercial printer. This is NOT the opportunity for you to buy other people's cut cards.

Card Specifics: 24mil thick 3.5"x2.5" (poker size) and 3.5"x2.25" (bridge size) plastic cut cards with your custom printed design with rounded edges. These are usually the cut cards you see around here on PCF. Examples below in photos.

Order Details:

  • 10 card minimum per design
  • Cost per card is $1.25 each (subject to pricing change at the time orders are taken) We will need to hit 1k cut cards to place this order. I don’t foresee this being an issue.
  • Each card design has a $10 card setup fee. You can order 30 (for example) cards with a front design and a different back design and its only a single $10 fee.
  • If you want the same design on poker and bridge size the artwork setup fee would apply to each and be $20 fee total.
  • Shipping from the manufacturer to me is baked into the $1.25/card price. But reshipping is not included. Standard USPS domestic. International shipping is fine with me. I will get you a price once I get your order.


  • This is a bring your own custom design situation. I will not be able to assist with your artwork and the manufacturer is not there to assist you either. Contact one of the designers below if you need design help.
  • Card designs must be in .AI format (Please pay special attention when submitting artwork because there is a $50 fee applied to our order after the 3rd artwork correction. This fee will be applied to violators)
  • Poker size is 2.5"X 3.5" and Bridge size is 2.25"X 3.5"
  • If you want design help you can try one these people for hire;
  • File naming: PROJECT or PROJECT + PROJECT if sides are different (please use separate files if your card has different side artwork)

Example Order:

  • 30 cards bridge sized ordered: 30 x $1.25 + $10 art fee + $5 shipping (US) total cost is $52.50 shipped

Order Submission:

Send an email to with the following details:

    • PCF username
    • Delivery address where cards will be shipped (will allow me to give shipping cost when payment is due)
    • Include order details:
    • name of cards project{s)
    • size (bridge or poker or both)
      • Does your card project have the same image on both sides or are each side different
      • attach artwork files (AI or print ready PDF)
      • file naming: PROJECT or PROJECT + PROJECT if sides are different
    • Sample order email in post #3

Example order email: Order by emailing with the following details.

Hey Mike,
Here is my order...

PCF username: @Buge

Buge Poker
10 Oak St
Lake Grove, NY 11755

1. CASA MANGO: 30x Poker size (same sides)


2. MAPES: 40x bridge & 40x poker size (different sides)



Payment will by PayPal and collected during the last week of the order period, but before printing begins.

Turn Around Time:

Production time is 5-7 business days, after proof approval and payment. Usually, it is around 8-10 business days total, depending on speed of proofing and payment.

Templates & Examples:
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In for like 50! Nice!!! And my artwork is already done! Now just have to figure out exactly how many to order.
I am torn; I submitted my order for 50 Poker sized, because Poker sized is superior and we should all be using it [ducks as PCF throws chairs and hot dog rollers at me] ... But I know that some of you wrong people out there use bridge sized; Do people pay the extra setup fee and order both sizes in anticipation of people who would want samples of the bridge sized?
I’m in for 100 total. 50 each of 2 designs.

Can the front and back be different designs?
I’m not sure who owns the RPC artwork but I would love to get some RPC cards made. I’m sure others are interested as well. If anyone can help facilitate that I would be most appreciative!
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