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Johnny b

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Jun 8, 2015
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Surrey bc
Hello everyone,

A bit new to the site, and to poker as well. I would like to build my own table.

And I would like to get a custom cloth from chanman. As its only a 10 min drive

To his shop maybe he can give me a discount since there is no shipping.

My question is, how do you guys design it? I have seen some cool ones on here. I have

A few ideas, but how do you get it on the computer. Is there any type of tool like the poker

Chip design tool. Any info will be greatly appreciated.


Johnny B
Use Illustrator if you have the skills. Otherwise hire a graphic artist like J5 or p5woody. You can ask Chanman what the art requirements are.
Inkscape is a free alternative to Illustrator. You'll want to provide vector art for printing, whichever software you choose. CMYK color works best.

Tony can provide design service as well. J5 and p5woody are always great options though.

One of the best examples of the design process progressing is Trihonda's Fat Tire cloth design. p5woody did the work, but there was a lot of public back and forth here to get the design from ok to stunning.

One thing to think about is upholstering. I've done a topper and re-clothed a table with suited speed cloth. Even with the experience, I'd be nervous doing an expensive custom cloth for the first time myself. Since you're local, you might be able to get some help with that from Tony or someone he knows. Getting it stretched and aligned correctly is important.
Tony helps a ton. I did one not too long ago, I emailed him the logo and my ideas and he worked his Magic. As for the building, no one comes close to tony, but there are a few of us here who've built tables and will offer any and all help needed.
Good luck and keep us posted.
Thanks. colorado_avalanche_by_corvuscorax92-d5awc4j.jpeg
That is the price if I have the artwork, what if I need someone to do mockups for me?

That's the price with 2 hrs of art time. It's $75/hr after that for Tony to work on it. It seems like you can get pretty far with the first two hours from Tony if your concept is pretty solid. I'm not sure how much J5 and p5woody charge for their services. Contacting @Johnny5 and @p5woody directly would be best.

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