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Mar 8, 2014
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Phase lll at Del Boca Vista
This thread is dedicated to pictures/description only please. No comments to pictures please
Post your own personal custom set clay or otherwise or post your favorite set. If you can use the upload feature it may be better than a hosting site because links can go broken over time. But in the end I dont think it matters.. for space it probably would be better to just link from hosting site


Huron Poker ASM-Maine MD-50 (P5Woody art)

Original quarter replaced later on with solid butterscotch for better visibility
pink 2a14 with purple and grey
bright white 314 with blue
mandarin red 3DSA316 with dg pink and green
green 4DSA316 with black and dg yellow
black 3V12 with white and orange


Looking forward to the pages of photos.
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Sorry have to break my own rules and bump this thread up...
please use this thread to post any of your custom sets of any make here. Just keep it to Pr0n only please. Maybe a sticky?

Back to the pretty pix...
Clermont Lounge Tournament Edition
Design: J5
Production: BCC
Mold: MGK
Stamping: Colin/monkeydog

25: Signal Green
100: Charcoal
500: TRK Lavender
1000: TRK Fire
5000: TRK Light Blue

John's beautiful design:

Freshly stamped:


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A very brief backstory (description):

Mrs. Poker Zombie and I met because of this zombie (PM if you really want details, but I think it's also in my Zombies on the March thread.
I really love food. These chips are a culmination of the two.
They are the 3rd in a series of Zombie Poker Club chips involving clay, china clay, ceramic, and plastic slugs.

The Zombie Foodies. Classic Poker Chips (CPC). on the Fleur de Lys (FDL) mold. FDL gave the most space for a busy inlay, did not add extra clutter to the rim, and if zombies ever got seriously into food it would be in France (or New Orleans, which is much closer to the voodoo culture).

Who doesn't love cheese? This chip is a tribute to Wisconsin and their cheese, thus the Green Bay Packers colors.

Dinner and dancing go hand in hand, so the Zombie dressed up for the occasion. The 2 & 7 / 10 & 4 edge spots were (i believe) a first for CPC. They were meant to represent the flashing lights of a nightclub. If you've played around with the rotating edgespots on the chip design tool, you're welcome.

Blueberry Pie, on a quarter pie, with chip colors to match blueberry pie stains.

Zombies like fancy food too. The molecular gastronomy chip colors were designed to be reminiscent of a radiation warning symbol. This is the only chip in the set where the zombie does not pop out of the circle, because he is sealed in a safe room for the experiments.

Chocolate Chip chip. After bringing chocolate chip cookies that looked (sort-of) like chips to Mr Tree's Shootout at the Post (S@P) I wanted to commemorate the effort. David at CPC nixed the idea of spots, but agreed to a very limited run of this Level 9 spot pattern, which still reminds me of a cookie.

El Nacho Muerte. Inlay is cheddar cheese sauce color, bringing us right back to cheese. The chip colors are a combo of the original Zombie colors when Mrs. Zombie and I met, Dark green skin, bright pink shirt collar, and a white paper hat (which does not exist in any of these chips - it will be saved for plaques if I ever make them).

Finally, some easy reference pr0n.

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