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Aug 8, 2013
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Been wanting to make a gangster themed chip set. By no means a great artist and its 4am here so I'm getting pretty tired so I'm not going to say its my best work lol. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions on how to make it better. Going for a more classic look. All sides will share the Gangster Squad Card Room side and the opposing side will be unique to each denomination. I'm planning to have a Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Al Capone, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Bounty chip would be J Edgar Hoover or Melvin Purvis

View attachment 904View attachment 905

Let me know what you think!
Bed time now, been up almost 22 hours!
Where's Lucky? ;)

Haha yeah I suppose he should be included too. What would organized crime be without him :).

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

Played around with the colors a little more today so I'm thinking this is what the set would look like. Was too lazy to make all the "gangster side" labels so only the 1 has it. The others all have the "shared" side inlay.

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Maybe Eliot Ness as a bounty too. ;)
Maybe Eliot Ness as a bounty too. ;)

Bringing in the classics, The Untouchables lol

are you going for a cash and tourney set?

Well at this point I'm not really sure. If I just do one or the other I would probably not make as many denominations. This was literally all thought up last night at midnight or so lol
Okay understandable, I was just going to recommend 2 things. A 5000k chip for tourneys and a 20$ chip if you do both cash and tourney chips (for security purposes)
If you're going to drop serious coin on a custom set hire a graphic designer. It's such a small drop in the bucket compared to the chips (esp. the chips you've mocked up) and you'll get a much better product in the end.
I like the theme. Looking forward to see how this develops. If you have the 1 and the 100 chip in play together this might be too close to each other as dark blue is pretty dark and the spot colors are as well not that different. Do you have a sample set from ASM? That are some good invested $$$.
Thanks guys. I actually have been talking to Johnny (J5) about designing these but I needed something for him to start off with. I figure this is a good start and he can take it from there. I've actually been thinking about changing the 1's to Imperial Blue which is lighter so it would help differentiate from the 100's. Not sure though, we'll see what J5 comes up with :)
After talking it over with Johnny he said he'd be worried we wouldn't be able to find enough high quality images to use for the gangster side so he wasn't sure he could help me with the design :/. I'm on my own for now. Ttttubby are you interested in helping with this design at all? We may need to scrap having a picture of various gangsters on the back sides.
I might be able to help you, hit me up via PM and we can work out the details.
Got your pm, I'm on my phone so I'll send you a pm response tonight :)
Still been playing with the Gangster Squad design. I'd have to sell my Yaks to fund a custom CPC set but if I get the design where I want it I could see myself selling them to get this set. Here's the latest inlay design:


I like #1 and #3 since the denom and picture are separate. Kinda leaning towards #3.

Depending on numbers, perhaps some of those Yaks could find their way back here. ;)
I liked 3 because it was the pipboy guy from Fallout 3 but when I shrunk it down to the 1 inch size the details are pretty hard to make out unfortunately. That makes me lean more towards 1 over 3.
Here are my updated inlay designs and colors/edgespots:





Number 1 is my favorite right now.

Here's the colors:
hard to say, so many versions !
V2 or V4 for me :)
this is only my opinion, but, could we imagine to associate the color of the denom to the base color of the chip?

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