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Nov 7, 2014
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NB Canada - Maine's next door neighbour

This review is a bit late.
I posted these in the mail thread, but then took a 2 month break.
Here we go...

Cristian sells a "mini" poker chip case in his Etsy store. I was there shopping for board game organizers. When I saw it, I asked if he could upsize it for normal 39mm chips. He obliged and was great to deal with. He quickly did a couple prototypes until he was satisfied they were sturdy. He made me a 400 and 600 chip design. He could have made 500 chip too. But it's not possible to go higher than 600. It'd be too wide and heavy.

I ended buying 3 cases.
He can put a custom name or logo on the cover.

#1- 400 chip Martini Club tourney.
Rows are 50 deep.

#2- 600 chip Martini Club cash.
Rows are 60 deep.

#3- 600 chip custom set in the works
(Not pictured)

Shipping to Canada was high as expected for 3 wood chip cases. However for those of you in the US I think shipping is reasonable.

Pricing: I won't get into exact pricing as his wood material suppliers keep changing pricing. But I will say, it's around the price of an acrylic carrier. Or not much more anyway.

The lid stays closed with magnets. There are slots to fit your fingers under on all sides.

Disclaimer: this is more of a show piece. Something I'm gonna keep on a shelf or table to display the chips. I would not travel with it. While it feels sturdy, I'll have to make sure not to let the lid tilt all the way back on it's own. Maybe I'm being too careful with it. But I feel the weight of the lid if left to fall backwards on it's own may break the Pacman shaped hinge.

I do recommend these as a nice alternative to the usual metal case or acrylic carrier.



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Very nice, looking for a solution for 43mm chips.. think he could do something? I would be ok with anything from 600-1000 for capacity...
Also located in Canada...
You can reach out to him. He can probably do 43mm. But I don't think he can go 600+.

If he takes the 600 chip version above (which he said is about the biggest he can go due to weight) and widens the rows for 43mm, maybe you fit 400-500.

My 600 chip pictured above is about the same size as a metal 600 chip case.
Since it's wood, it's very heavy.

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