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Dec 6, 2020
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Colorado, USA
So, just so everyone has an idea of what I am after, here are some things I didnt write about before. If anyone has any input, I'm more than happy to share ideas and brainstorm.
  • I want to keep the possum the same as it is basically, maybe touching it up slightly and give it an outline; but I love the colors, position its in, and art style.
  • I want the Ace cards to look like they were sitting in front of the possum on the table he's sitting on, so they would be facing a little more upwards at an angle.
  • I definitely want the chips to be smaller like in my mock-up, and have some laying around the possum, some kinda stacked on the table. Kinda like the Dia de los Muertos dealer button. Maybe the chips in the art are different colors to stand out more on the different chip color backgrounds the image is going on. Maybe scaling the chips down to the exact size of the ones in my mock-up, or just slightly larger. unless it looks bad that small and/or doesnt fill in enough space.
  • I want the image to be separate from the background like a transparent image. So just the possum, chips and cards so we can place it on a generic background on each different colored chip. The orange in my mock-up was just me not knowing how to use paint lol.
  • I think I want some sort of border that doesn't quite go all the way to the chip edge. Kinda like the examples shown above
  • I definitely want edge spots on the rim of the chip, I don't want them on the chip faces to avoid having to line those up.
  • I could consider another image or two for use on a dealer button and/or plaque, but I think I want only want one image for all of my denoms from 25¢ to $5000
  • I don't want the denoms to be too fancy, just regular blocky ones are fine.
  • I want there to be a generic background on each chip, kinda like the lines going on in detroitdad's set.
  • Chip colors and denoms: 25¢ (blue), $1 (white), $5 (red), $25 (Green), $100 (black), $500 (purple), $1000 (yellow), $5000 (orange)
  • I'm debating if I want text or not. I have a few working titles, but have no idea if any of the are good.
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