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Nov 7, 2014
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Lakewood, Colorado
I had 30 bounty plaques made up by Game On Chip Company recently. I did the artwork but learned--after submitting it--that GOCC has a template for their plaques that artwork needs to follow. Melissa at GOCC tweaked by artwork and got it to work with their printing process and the impressive result is what you see below.

From start to finish GOCC was great to work with. I worked with three people between getting info, placing the order, paying for the order, & tweaking the artwork and all three were fantastic. Also, the plaques arrived a lot faster than I expected.

The small plaque measures 48mm x 68mm and costs $4.50 plus $75 artwork charge (min. 25 pcs.). For anybody interested in having plaques made and doing your own artwork, please contact GOCC first and have them send out the plaque template so you know what dimensions and details you'll be working with.

Thanks again, GOCC!


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They look great! Is the edge really raised or does it just look that way?
Wow. Those are stunning. I LOVE how you incorporated elements from your custom sets into these beauties. :) Top notch all around!
Those look amazing. Making me want to get some plaques made.
Fantastic job as usual, Mark! Those are beautiful. Enjoy!
They're stunning! I had no idea this was even possible. Gotta put on my thinking cap. :)

These really are amazing. They're like nothing I've ever seen. Congrats!

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They're stunning! I had no idea this was even possible. Gotta put on my thinking cap. :)


Yes, yes, yes! Lady Luck Club plaques!
Beautiful stuff, toad -- great design, and perfect for those awesome 3D plaques. Now I gotta rethink everything non-chip....
I was going to say your plaques are stunning, but then I stopped myself, because I don't like to use the term lightly. Then I decided your plaques are stunning.

Beautiful work, man. Congrats.

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