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Aug 8, 2013
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I'm not 100% certain this is the appropriate place to post this. Admins, please move this to the appropriate location if it isn't.

I’ll start this by saying I put my ceramic chip set up for sale and sold it. I decided to take some of the money and purchase poker-related stuff. One person, RowlettTexasChipGuy, came to my game in January. He’s a great guy, and he brought me a sample of his 43MM custom ceramic chips. Until then, I hadn’t given 43MM chips much thought. He made a comment that stuck with me though. “You can get what you really want.” After thinking about that comment, I concluded that it was worth it to be to get chips I wanted instead of settling for something I didn’t particularly like.

I reached out to ABC Gift & Awards. Kristil Perry there helped with the artwork. She took my ideas and converted them into several things I really like! I can’t say enough good things about how great she did with this. I gave her ideas and some pictures. She tweaked it all to come up with the great images on the chips and the buttons. She’s a much better artist than I am a photographer.

The 43MM chips are a nice size for my purposes. They don’t get mixed with our 39MM chips. They have a very different feel than my sets of China clays. They are 3MM thick, and stack well. The colors are very easy to see on the chips and the print is easy to read. All the images are sharper than my photography skills show.

Each of the 4 chips has a custom edge spot. I picked images that didn’t require aligned edge spots. One great thing about ceramic chips is that you can do that. If you are thinking of a custom ceramic set, I’d encourage you to have a different edge spot for each chip. That’s almost impossible to do with China clays.

Our group offers a 5,000 bonus for those who show up on time for regular games, and 1-2 times a year, bonuses up to 25,000. I was using some chips from my ceramic set for those, but decided to customize to match one of our two themes. I also decided to do Bounty and Rebuy chips, keeping with the theme those chips that are most likely to be used with those specialty chips. Three of the four fit our scarlet and black color scheme. The 5,000 Bonus chip offers the bonus of a beautiful beach scene. The 25,000 bonus is the only one not in our color scheme. For that I did scarlet and navy blue. The symbolism is, if you qualify for the bonus, your ship came in. I’m not sure how many of my players will get that.

The Rebuy and Bounty chips fit with our pirate theme. The Rebuy chip has the same beach scene, but with the symbolism that pirates have taken your chips. The Bounty chip seems appropriate and fits with that same theme. I’m sorry I’m not a better photographer. The outer edge of the Bonus and Bounty chips is black.

While doing this, I decided to do some 60MM buttons to use primarily as card protectors. I did 4 in our Texas theme and 4 in our pirate theme. With Kristil’s help, I came up with 8 images. I then decided to open up the option for people in our poker group to buy as well. They could select any two of the 8 chip faces.

All the 60MM (about 2.25” in diameter) buttons have the same edge spots – alternating scarlet and black, with a white bar separating those colors. Since all the images had a base of scarlet and black, that edge spot worked well. Kristil is the one who suggested such a theme as an idea. I had something completely different in mind, but with the same color scheme.

For the Texas theme, I came up with two custom versions of the Texas flags with images commonly used in conjunction with Texas flags. I used a picture of an actual rattlesnake for one with “Don’t Tread on Me” printed in the red of the flag. For the other, I used a different cannon image than is normally used with “Come and Take It!” in the red of the flag. Then I came up with two images of the state with TEXAS across the state.

For the pirate theme, I came up with two pirate flag images and two images of skeletons dressed as pirates. With the pirates, I came up with a day and a night theme. Kristil did a great job of moving my pirate decorations to the beach! At first I was going to have one with pirates on each side and another with flags on each side. But I couldn’t resist a little humor – a Surrender the Booty flag on one side, with a pirate on the other side holding an empty treasure chest because he surrendered his booty! The other has a pirate on the beach at night holding a lantern, and the other side has the skull and cross-bones image from our “official” pirate flag.

After coming up with these images, I decided to offer my players a chance to buy one or more of these with their choice of any of the 8 images. Players, to my surprise, ordered a total of 16. Given all I had was the art images and gave them very little time, I was surprised by that number.

We used the Bounty chips at our June game. Those who bought card protectors got to use them that night. Some other players commented on how good they came out and expressed regret they didn’t order. I may open it up again if the demand is high enough. I can’t wait to get the higher bonus chips in play, and the Bounty and Rebuy chips in play. All of them look great.

The buttons make great card protectors. I like being able to flip it over throughout the tournament so people can see both images. I went a little overboard on the number, but I really liked all of the images and wanted at least one with every image.

ABC did a great job! These were delivered when they told me they would be delivered. The finished product was better looking than I expected. It’s always a pleasure doing business with Gene at ABC, and Kristil was terrific.

If I were looking for a ceramic set, I’d highly recommend ABC. These chips, and the buttons, have a nice feel to them and they stack really well.


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