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Dec 8, 2023
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Hello PCF members,

After nearly a month of sending our product samples out and having them reviewed by the PCF community, we are finally ready to offer our high-quality, durable acrylic poker chip trays to you. These trays come in a sleek design and are available in four vibrant colors: white, black, red, and translucent. Each pack contains five trays, perfect for showcasing your cherished poker chip collection.

What the PCF Community is Saying:

“Apple who?” — Hotus777

“Very sturdy and looks like it can withstand a tank rolling over it.” — Geremie

“When that time comes, all my racks will be from Curious Cask.” — Timmah

“They feel great. Similar type plastic you’d find in better quality casino racks.” — BEANO52

For extensive product reviews, you can visit our original thread here: First Exclusive Look: Curious Cask Poker Chip Tray

Technical Details:
• For chip size: ⌀39/40 mm
• Slot width: 69.8mm
• Material: Premium Acrylice
• Each tray weighs: 132 grams
• Each tray dimensions: L 8.2” x W 3.1” x H 1.1”

Slot Fitment:
• 20 Chips (top recommendation): CPC, Matsui
• 21+ Chips: Paulsons, Tina, TRK, BCC

Community members who have thicker, newer chips or prefer a looser fit can take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on our L-size trays.

Exclusive Offer for PCF:
  • Retail Price: $25 per pack
  • Special Offer to Show Our Appreciation for the Community’s Help in Improving Our Product:
  • Exclusive PCF Member Price: $16.50 per pack
  • Flat Shipping Charge: $12.50 (Shipping internationally, we pride ourselves on offering these products to the global community!)
  • Free Shipping: On orders of 4+ packs worldwide – a big advantage for our international members!
  • Non-Return Policy: Please note that all sales are final. Due to the nature of our exclusive offer and limited production run, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. We appreciate your understanding and support. We are confident in our product quality, and our packaging is built like a tank to help ensure your trays arrive safely!

Place Your Order Here, Secure Checkout with Stripe:

Take advantage of this exclusive deal and be among the first to enjoy our premium poker chip trays. This is a limited-time and limited-quantity offer, so don’t miss out!

Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see how you use our trays to enhance your poker nights!


Key Features:
Stackable Design: Secure stacking with a negative circle channel on the underside.


Crafted Opacity & Intriguing Colors: Adds a touch of personality. Available in translucent, red, black, and white.
Matte Upside and Reflective Underside: Shiny and reflective for a striking contrast.


Scratch Proof and Premium Touch: Refined matte texture and finish prevent scuffs and scratches, providing a sophisticated look and a high-quality tactile experience.



Poker Chip Tray - 5 Pack


Poker Chip Tray - Black

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