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3 of a Kind
Jul 16, 2019
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Rochester, NY
How will you decide it is a good time to buy cruise line stocks?

Are any of the big US lines not “no big to fail”?
This exact question may not be covered, but there’s a lot of conversation on this in a couple threads. Take a look at DrStranges recent posts and you’ll find all the threads on the first couple of pages.
I decided just now that there will never be a good time for me to buy a cruise line stock.

Inside my circle of competence? No way.

Do I or people in my circle use, enjoy or understand the product? Firm no.

Are there environmental/ethical employment issues? Yes.

Do I think cruise lines are high on the list of industries a government is likely to bail out? No.
Even before the Coronavirus cruise ship have had a lot of issues with sickness running rampant in them. I wouldn’t touch them at any point. There is going to be plenty of value in other stocks.

Airlines are taking a hit along with companies like Boeing that make jets. We will be flying again, it is a necessity in life/work. Those stocks will recover. Cruises, I don’t want to risk that.
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Risk the stock or a cruise? As for me, I'd rather buy the stock than to go on a cruise. Seriously.

Neither really. I could see taking a flier with a few hundred dollars if the stock really plummeted expecting to never get it back. They are a very low cost vacation for a lot of people so I can see people still going that couldn’t afford to go to a lot of the locations they visit otherwise.
No joke here - - - I think we need years to see how things work out. This crisis may permanently change how the cruise industry is perceived by its customers.

My wife and I have cruised a lot over the years - 20+ trips, last one oct 2019 for our 25th. Still had several trips on our "someday "list. Even so, my wife asked me the other evening if I would feel bad if we never cruised again. That took me aback, we had been planning an Alaska cruise for 2021 and a long Australian trip in 2022. I wonder if she is going to feel that way is six months and if so, how many other people like her there are?

There are no bargain cruise stocks today. It could be several big names are going to face bankruptcy. There are "safer" things to buy in the market today with plenty of juice should the market recover.

Individual stocks in devastated industry require homework. Lots of homework, or you'll end up being the sucker at the table. Even highly focused funds are exceptionally risky. I wouldn't buy a cruise or travel centric ETF either.

If you have fun money and can't go to Vegas, then sure roll the dice. And understand everyone eventually craps out -=- DrStrange

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