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Feb 26, 2017
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Howdy all,

My wife has asked instructed me to make her some more cross stitch patterns, and after I asked her to stitch these I couldn't really refuse. Lo and behold some friends of hers want to stitch them too so she encouraged me to add them to Etsy.

They are available here, if you know someone who might be interested: if for whatever reason the promo doesn't apply use PCF25 at checkout for 25% off.

If you don't mind, could you do me a favour and browse all the listings to generate some traffic for the shop? If you've got an account, even better if you add it to your favourites.

Hammer your suggestions for your favourite chips in the thread here and I might just make them into patterns if you can con someone into stitching them for you.

Thank you!

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742 Evergreen Terrace_Mockup.jpg
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