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Jul 5, 2022
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Manitoba, Canada
Hey PCF,

Just moved into my new place and have more than enough room to run my home league in my basement! I also have an extra room on the main floor that im looking to possibly turn into a smoke room for cigars. Hoping to get some feedback, advice and just thoughts about it!

  • Obviously going to move the piano (that came with the house) to another room.
  • This window has a large window that looks onto the backyard which includes a creek!
  • Going to paint it a darker color and replace the door with a glass door likely.
  • Paint is going to be a darker, wood/beige color.
  • Going to build a wall bar which includes a shelving and of course my humidor.
  • Air purifier of course: Was thinking the RabbitAir MinusA2
  • Sealing off this room from smoke getting into the rest of the house. Possibly installing a exhaust fan as well.

Give me your thoughts. Has anybody actually tried this?

Some pictures below from videos that I've researched.


  • mysmoke.JPG
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  • smoke1.JPG
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Any pictures?
What did you do for ventilation?
Where is it in your house?
Does the smoke leak into the rest of the house?

Anything you would have done differently?
I use a Panasonic whisper exhaust fan ducted to the roof. My poker room is the bonus space above the garage, so easy access to outside.

Outside solid core door that seals completely (keeps smoke from house, and also noise from rowdy poker games).

No HVAC connection to the house, currently use a window A/C and a 8ft space heater. Will be updating soon to a DIY Mr Cool mini split.

Things I'd do differently - additional exhaust. Urinal in poker room.

If I'm having a friend over and we smoke, it stays in the room. This issue I had was at poker we'd smoke and people would keep opening and closing the door - smoke got out, wife complained, I turned off the smoking light at poker.

I'll get pics up later.
Looks great..
If you thinking about music I strongly recommend using stick, hard drive or tapes...
Anything but CD or something using laser reader. These are strongly influenced by smoke and if you use quality equipment its often cheaper to buy new then repair

Oh yeah... I bet you have a good lighter?

Wow!!! Very very nice man! Looks like years of dedication!

Thanks for the pictures.

My room is between the dining room and kitchen.

If I throw in an exhaust fan and block the HVAC access, I think the door will be the only leakage.
Negative air pressure and sealing points of leakage is going to be your friend.

I don't have a rabbit air purifier, so I can't speak to how well those work. I leave my exhaust running overnight and keep the door shut for a few days and my wife will barely notice, it at all, the smell in any other room of the house.

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