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SOLD CPS Tourney - 1500 Chips (1 Viewer)

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Hot Nuts

Nov 8, 2014
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1500 chips, splitting in 2 sets only. I'll throw in spares for free. Should have about 5 spares or so per denomination. They could use some oil. $.45/chip.

Set 1 - Qty 1000 Pending payment
25 x 200
100 x 300
500 x 160
1000 x 200
5000 x 140
$450 plus shipping

Set 2 - Qty 500 Canceled

25k x 125
100k x 150
250k x 100
500k x 125

$225 plus shipping

US only (US re-shipper works)

CPS Low.jpg

CPS High.jpg



1+ rack not shown above

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Sale pending on Set 1. I forgot to add PayPal F&F for payment.
Both sets pending with one buyer. Set 1 pending with 2 buyers. If I don't get a response on both sets by 7/20 say noonish set 1 will be offered to first responder, then 2nd responder.
I was looking at this but it's US only, think it's a little out of my price range too when it comes to shipping and import costs,

Thanks anyway!
Just a quick note on import costs. Most sellers here are happy to complete the shipping info in a "friendly way" so you should find there aren't any. Shipping is what it is but not as bad as you might fear.
Buyer for both sets went silent.

Set 1 back pending to another buyer.

Set 2 is available.
Set 1 close to being sold.

I'm going to take down Set 2. A friend needs it. I may relist it later in the year.
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