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Jan 26, 2020
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I've seen a fair number of mockups in this forum with a 3TA316 spot design using butterscotch, light chocolate, and chocolate in a row to create a sort of low-res gradient effect.


Looks great in the designer tool, but has anyone had chips made with this, and did they turn out as expected? Any pictures that can be shared?

Uh oh! Someone caught the custom bug (again). :ROFL: :ROFLMAO::tup:

Not much help, but @Perthmike had done light chocolate and chocolate as spots on his original fiver for his Motswari set I believe. He has since had them remade because there wasn't enough contrast for his liking. Slightly different scenario here due to the effect that you are going for but maybe his pics. will help.

BTW I really like his original fiver but I get what he is saying about the contrast so please don’t take this as a negative opinion at all.
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Get a sample set. Sample set three chips edgeways next to a white base. Easy peasy.
In reality I think the 3 colors end up blending together too much.

See Tonk $25 and Bahamia $25 as similar examples. I’ll edit with pics when I have a minute

Up close the colors are more noticeable, but even from a few feet they blend together quickly to look like a blob.

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Copperhead road $1 reminds me of that kind of color palette although although only 2 spots, one being black. Awesome chip.
Thanks for the feedback!

I have samples and my concern is exactly what some have said, that the light chocolate and chocolate are too similar -- it looks to me like the light chocolate is a bit darker in reality than the designer tool shows. And I can see how they might look good up close but not so much a few feet away (especially as the eyes get older!)... much to consider here...

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