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Feb 13, 2019
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I’m confused about what CPC inlays with background bleed actually looks like. Does anyone have any examples? It would be extra helpful to see the red/black/green boundary lines as shown in the artwork template.
I messed this up. Unfortunately, I was on travel and couldn’t edit my inlays design. David was kind enough to work with me and fix it.

As David explained to me-

“Because [the inlays] are punched out by hand, the design needs to be a little bigger than the finished product so that the edge can be trimmed off.”

The bleed allows you to extend the non-letter artwork beyond the safe zone, knowing it won’t all make it, to extend the design.

No bleed? You’ll see a white circle around the design. With bleed? You can get the artwork to the edge of the inlay.
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I got tripped up by the wording in the artwork template for whatever reason, but the bleed terminology is standard to printing and as you said, essentially allows artwork to extend all the way to the edge.

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