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Feb 6, 2019
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Iowa, USA
How easy (or difficult) would it be to convert my racetrack table to a non-racetrack table? I’m considering replacing my felt with a custom cloth and replace the rail vinyl while I’m at it. Since my racetrack has cupholders cut into them, I'm guessing that it might be easier to just replace it with a new playing surface board. And is my rail wide enough to put cupholders in the rail? My players like to drink when they play, so I would rather give them a cupholder option. I know there are options that slide under the rail, too.

My table is 90” x 46” and the rails are 4” wide without the padding.


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You could just cover the racetrack with a different (than the main cloth) color or pattern cloth, to cut down on noise.
Are the slide-under-the-rail cupholders secure enough that they won't tip over? I've never used them before.
Are the slide-under-the-rail cupholders secure enough that they won't tip over? I've never used them before.
Extremely stable. There is a metal tongue that extends under the rail. It would be easier to break a beer bottle in half than it would be to make the bottle tip.

They make 2 diameters, a narrow one specifically for beer bottles and one for larger cups. I use the larger ones, but have the smaller size available if needed.
Thank you for the info and the pictures @k9dr ! Your table turned out awesome!
About 15 years ago, I converted my racetrack to a standard table after playing on it one time! Lol. I totally replaced the surface with a new top sheet. I used the old racetrack as a template to cut the new top sheet so it would fit inside the existing rail. Still use it every Friday.
Thanks for this thread, great advice. I'm reviving this thread for a similar question. I am going to pickup a racetracked oval table as shown above and try this out.

I'm also looking at a chip slotted octo, which I am wondering if it would be a similar exercise, or if the lack of rail would prevent me from doing this? Pic:


I converted my racetrack table. I removed the cup holders and filled the voids with structural insulation foam. I then covered everything with HD foam and a new felt.

Sick job.
I don't think there is and I know he has been busy lately but I am sure he will comment here at some point
Basically I just cut a new oval (capsule) that going to get sandwiched between the tail and the existing surface. I just need to pad and felt it.

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