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Mar 26, 2013
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The Key West Resort & Casino's April Contest:

April is Martini Month at the Key West Resort & Casino, and we're holding a contest to celebrate our newly redesigned Key Club page and new contests.

To enter, post your favorite martini recipe here or in the Key West Forum contest page under "What's New at the Key West," or send it by e-mail to:

We'll post all the entries received during the month of April, and our panel of "experts" will judge them on Saturday, May 3, 2014. The winner will be notified on Sunday, May 4.

The prize

What better prize than the subject itself? We'll pick up the tab for the winner and a guest to enjoy a martini on us at their favorite local martini bar or restaurant.

Entrants agree they won't drink and drive, but will let us know when and where they had their martinis on the Key West. Since we intend to reimburse the winner for the drinks, the winner agrees to produce the check if asked, and to let us know where they enjoyed their prize.

The prize limit is $34 -- the actual cost of two martinis at Manhattan's chic "21 Club" today. We'll reimburse the winner for their actual cost for a single martini or up to two martinis if they share their prize with another person.

All PCF members have been extended a courtesy membership in The Key Club, the Key West's private club page, where we offer reduced prices, contests and other membership rewards. To go there, visit us at:

and select "Key Club" in the navigation bar. You'll need the password. If you don't have it, PM me here on PFC.

Good luck!

Thanks for the nice promos Dennis!
Thanks for the nice promos Dennis!

You're welcome! I'm trying to come up with new and interesting contests for the Key West and share them with everyone on Poker Chip Forum

I know we have some martini connoisseurs here on PFC, so I'm hoping to see at least a few entries from here. The winning entry gets two martinis "on the house," so get out the shakers, and good luck.

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