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Dec 29, 2014
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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
I was going through some stuff in storage and opened up some chip cases that I no longer use and remembered that I have some color bleed on these ceramics. I bought a big pile of chips from GOCC back in the CT days when they had a big clearance sale. I got a couple thousand chips--Crystal Oysters, Classics and Fan of Cards. If I recall correctly, the fan of cards were actually Chipco chips they still had old stock of, and the oysters and the classics were made by GOCC.

The fan of cards have pretty bad color bleed on the diamonds and hearts. I will attach a pic. It's not a big deal, and it's years after the original purchase. I did mention it to GOCC at the time, and their response was basically along the lines of they are old stock and sold as is. I am not trying to ding GOCC here with any negativity. In fact, the sales rep I dealt with during my purchases was really great. I've never seen color bleed like this on any other ceramic, though. Was just curious if others have as well.

Also, once the world gets back to normal, I will be selling my micro stakes set. It's a mix of classics and low denom oysters, if anyone might be interested at that point. I'd sell the fan of cards too, but there are not that many of them, 50, maybe 100, and with that ugly bleed, I might just keep them to shuffle while playing online.

Perhaps bleed is not the right term to use here. More of a color transfer I guess.

EDIT: I just took a closer look at them and the classics and oysters have the little CI, so they must be original chipcos too. The .25c oysters I ordered at regular price are made by GOCC, that's what I was probably thinking of. I love the .25c oysters. They are yellow with no edge spots. yummy


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Chipco red was notorious for bleed/transfer. Some of the 2004/2005 WSOP replica sets with red denominations were absolutly horrible.
Just be careful using them on expensive tables. I've seen light colored felts get ruined from red color transfer.

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