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Mar 16, 2014
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Hey all - I wanted to let the forum know that we have a clubhouse app forum that we have set up where people can talk in these chat rooms about poker chips or anything related to Poker

We started the conversation and “room” last week and it’s been pretty awesome with just some local folks in town but it’s gotten a lot bigger and we actually had one of the main event final table players hop into the conversation last night and we probably talked for about three hours. It was really really awesome to hear about his experience - we had the opportunity to talk about poker chips and he knew nothing about the hobby and it was cool to educate him and others. They all mentioned wanting to sign up to PCF which is always good for our ecosystem -

You can register for free and if you guys wanna hop in people come in and out of the conversation all the time.We have been starting at 9:30 est each evening. Something new - kinda neat.

it’s starting to kind of grow organically and I thought this might be a cool place to talk to some of the people that you only get to text or email through the forum and you can actually have a live conversation with them and a bunch of other like-minded Poker friends from all over the world. i have attached the room we started. If you have a discord you use as well please share.

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