Cancelled Closet Clear Out: Big Top Tournament & Aurora Star Cash sets (1 Viewer)

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Mar 8, 2018
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Before this whole situation with COVID-19 the frequency of poker games here was already pretty low and now that we're all on lockdown for the foreseeable future here in Switzerland, it looks like all my poker will be of the online variety going forward. As such my chips really aren't going to see any use and so I'm putting a couple of my sets up for your consideration.

If you're interested in one or the other (or both), post your interest in this thread first and shoot me a PM with a reasonable offer. Interesting trade proposals will also be considered.

Thanks for looking!

SET ONE: Big Top Tournament (940 chips)

IMG_4349 (1).jpg

SET TWO: Aurora Star Cash Set (700 chips)


EDIT: April Fools! :D
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This is not an auction....this is not a 'for sale' ad........

What is it?

EDIT.....Apparently this is an accepted practice I didn't know about.......My apologies......Rule here...:

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so much want for the BTPs, yet just as much want to avoid flying objects hurled from the wife
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