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Feb 14, 2014
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Cleaning up around the house and have a about 1000 chips to get to new homes make my clutter yours!
I have no idea what any of these are worth. I'm guessing at prices if I'm off let me know. Make me offers on what you want.
200 Casino Aztar snappers. 100 labeled as Oak tree casino $.25 100 no labels $75 a rack?
300 Kenmore casino $1's $50 a rack?

Defunct California (illegal) 240 Club card room from San Francisco on MD-50 $200 for 4 racks? 150 green 135 Red and 115 blue. If only it was the 420 club I'd get $1000 for it at least! Got these from Craigslist a few years ago. They were kept in an attic by the guy I bought them from and are dried out. I did an eBay search and found nothing. I was going to clean and oil them, but never got around to it. Funny thing is a few of them have what I think are cigarette burns on them. I imagine back in the day someone resting a smoke on them if there wasn't an ashtray around. Haven't counted but guessing less than 20 with the burns. MD-50 Mold by way of Chipguide. They weigh in at about 7 grams each, so not heavy at all. The green's seem to be in the worst shape.

See my other for sale items if you want to combine shipping. I will ship whichever method you want.
Sorry for the delay been busy with cleaning out the house. The Fracs and the kenmores are sold. I think the 240 Club chips are sold, haven't gone through the emails yet. Didn't expect them to sell so fast. Guess I should have guessed higher on the price.
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