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Jun 9, 2021
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Rock Hill, NY & Brooklyn, NY
Hey there everyone,

Due to some intense family issues and travel problems I have been out of commission and contact for the last few weeks. Im sorry to those who are waiting on me and waiting for responses. I am back at home now but the issues still persist. I'm going to do my best to respond to everyone in the next day or 2 but as my situation is ever evolving please do your best to be patient. I haven't had the energy to open my mailbox and honestly not looking forward to it.

I hope things will be back to normal soon.

Thank you for your understanding,
Thank you everyone. I am trying to get back on track but expect delays to crop up here and there. I am suspending new orders to focus on the ones I currently have. Also If anyone wants to purchase ChipUp from me let me know and we can work something out. I am a motivated seller so I can focus on the things that I have to and the community has another high quality label option.
Has anyone heard from @dickthebaker , i messaged him a couple of times, but it's been a while since he's logged in.

I do have an open order and chips in his possession, but that's the least of my worries, hoping everything is okay!
He should get email notifications (standard config) and 11/30 has been a while.
Hope everything pans out for him & you.

Keep us posted

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