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Jan 28, 2016
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This week, I found in the attic one of the first poker chips case I bought back in the day.
These chips are cheap plastic chips. They are Monte Carlo Crown branded as "Chips Palace" and sold by French website Poker-Production (now Cartes-Production).
These chips are still available and are sold at 0.20€.
Even if it's not the kind of chips you expect to see in this forum, I still wanted to post this pr0n so that people who are on that budget can see what they can get.


The good surprise when I found back this case is that it contained two decks of Fournier (one WSOP and one WPT). I just replaced them with other basic decks I have.

Pretty standard breakdown for a 500 chips set :
T25 x 125
T100 x 125
T500 x 75
T1000 x 125
T5000 x 50


It's not visible on the picture but the stacks of 25 chips are not of the same height (even of the same denomination). This is the kind of flaws you have to accept for such cheap chips.
Stacks of 50 are not stable at all, 25 is, in my opinion, already just above the limit for very stable stacks.


The inlay design is in my opinion below average but at least the denomination is clearly readable.


This breakdown covers 10 players T20,000 with 12/12/7/10/1 starting stacks.
It can also cover up to 15 players T20,000 with 8/8/4/7/2 starting stacks.

Other pics


Could be worse but still, having a T100 in a stack of T1000 (and vice-versa) could lead to dirty stacks.

Comparison with high end plastic
Here I finish this pr0n with a comparison between these low end plastic chips and high end plastic chips (Matsui WPS).



There's no match between these chips. The only thing is that surprisingly the low end chips are (a little bit) less slippery than their high end counterparts.

There are very usable chips for the price (0.20€) but you have to accept the flaws that come with these kind of cheap chips.
In the end you get what you pay for. But - at least in Europe - I think that in that price range, these chips are the best option.

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Better than dice for sure. Nice comparison photos. The cheapos look like they fell off the production line before reaching the end!

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