Chipjoker Tables

Oct 31, 2018
Utica NY
Soo, I am building another table (SIMPLE) for a player at a game I attend once a month @Shaggy 's house.
Most patterns are NY in a diamond (the last graphic kinda show it. The second one is players names and numbers, I only used a few to get the point across.
He picked number 7. this one shows cards but thats to show the cards on the board..

I am going to meet up sith him to finalize the design soon and tweak the designs before he makes his final decision.

I like 3, 4, and 5. YOU?

I wanted to post a few custom cloth Ideas I had, He wants NY Giants: I was able to get him away from the CARDS..
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i like 1 it seems the nicest and easy on eyes not too busy how much do you charge to make talbes im in NY
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