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Royal Flush
Jun 8, 2015
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N Indiana, USA
If you have one of these, and are willing to briefly relay to me the information on two of the lots, I would appreciate it.
I don't want to pay for or ask for a full catalog just for two items.
Sending a PM is fine, thank you.
May I ask what this catalog is and what are it’s contents?
It's a thrice yearly casino chip auction, mostly NV chips (since they are about the only ones with enough value to be in an auction anyway) with a smattering of CA and WET chips, and rarely something not in one of those three categories. They announce them over at thechipboard, just search "chip chat" and you'll get an auction preview and an email for buying a catalog and such. Hold on to your wallet!

A very helpful person got me the information I needed. One lot was as expected. The second is clearly out of my price range, but I do have some Trump/Pelosi money coming...

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