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Sep 8, 2022
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Eagan, Minnesota
Received my lot of over 2000 China Clay Greek Key mold from @T_Chan

Pack job was exceptional. Super happy. Several barrels (25) were in the original cellophane.

Has anyone ever soaked chips that have likely been relatively untouched by human hands in years and years and if so for how long.

I’ll be bathing them all and have considered maybe a half hour or so soak before laying them all out to dry. I’ll also be oiling them long before my labels are ordered so I think I’ll be fine with the adhesive holding up.

In any event, enjoy. Especially the red ones. The black and brown ones look good enough to eat already.

Thanks to everyone who @ me when Tony’s ad hit the classifieds. I have another 800 purples as well as another 200 pinks and 200 grays to go along with this. I see a few sets coming out of this purchase.

Thanks again.

There's no need to soak them for any period of time. At worst they have some factory dust that can be wiped off with a damp cloth, but since you have so many, if you'd rather rinse them and then lay them out to dry, that might be easier than wiping them off.

Also go easy on the oil, a little goes a long way. The edges might need them more than the face, and no need to oil the recess.
I appreciate the feedback. I oiled all 800 of the purples I bought and heeded that advice out of the gate. Donning hospital rubber gloves, a mere dab on the fingertip and grabbing a whole barrel will do the entire edges. After oiling a whole rack of edges I only infrequently re-dab while I do the “steering-wheel” move (patent pending) and knock out each chip individually. Great advice though. I’ll be getting my label files soon (wink) after I settle in on which chips will occupy which denoms.

Not sure I’m psyched or not about bathing and oiling what I need for the first set. Who am I kidding I’m pretty psyched.

Someone tell my family I’m in the card room.
The trick that worked well with me was a large pan that you boil pasta in, with the strainer in. Dumped 100-200 chips at a time in soapy water. Stir with hands to wash. Pull the strainer out and run water over to get the soap off. Let drain and dump on a towel to spread out and dry. Serve with a side of dry rub with a towel and adult beverage of your choice.
So, after hours and hours of thread reading and chip moving I built three sets from my @T_Chan lot. I kept thinking the main set needed to be 1000 chips strong but I looked at what we’ve been playing and went from there.

The main set is on the left with two others that will be put in the poker chest for a near future custom project. And yes, I did what I had to do with the colors I had but have always been willing to rattle a few cages when it comes to color schemes, mixed molds etc. I did stay true to the reds for $5’s and a few others. I wanted to showcase (and utilize) all the colors I had. I’m going probably pull the purples from the far right set and swap them out for a couple barrels of something else. That’ll be alright. They’ll be kept company with the other 800 (I got less than a rack in the lot) I have from @Beakertwang and will be a future custom limit set.

They’re all set up as: Non-Denom for flexibility (200), .50 (200), $1 (200), $5 (60) and $20 (40).

The far set on the right will have its $20’s swapped from the purples to grays (when I nab a couple of barrels).

Now to wash and oil a barrel of each color of set one, make sure these are my schemes and get to getting my label files and ordering the labels.


Thanks @TheOffalo for the artwork. He’s great. (Colors in image are for demonstration)

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Set one compression oiled. Now it’s, wait-dab-flip, wait-dab-flip, wait-flip, wait-flip, and rack.

I’ll get my label files this week from @TheOffalo, review the Sticker Mule thread, and get ready to send them a feeler email.

I have two more sets I was able to build from my CC 8v acquisitions but am in much less a rush to firm up the custom label ideas so it’ll be put these babies in play mode.

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