Cheapest high denomination ($100+) used casino chips? (1 Viewer)


Nov 4, 2014
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I thought it might be possible to start on a used casino tournament set only to find a lack of used chips out there with $100+ denominations. I know my options are limited since most of the $100 and $500 chips I see on eBay run at $200+ a rack or even $100 a barrel for some $500 chips.

But remembering some of the Chip Room's epic sales of Empress chips there might be something out there. Aside from the Empress and, what other high denomination casino chips have sold for a cheapish (under $1, $2 for $500s) price?
None of the $500's that I remember, at least not on the aftermarket. Some of the cheaper used hundos for resale have been Empress primaries, PCA primaries, Par-A-Dice, and the Aztar-Evansville hundos (both sets). A couple of others too, but not available in very large quantities (Skypark Bowl, etc.). Prices typically seem to go up the longer it gets since the last Chiproom sale.
Send me a Msg, I have some $100 and $500 Used Grand Victoria Casino Chips, 1 Rack of each
I think Mr. Keller may still have some of the brick red Casablanca $100's with pink/gray 8A18 spots at a reasonable price.
I have a rack of $100 Grand Vics in a set I want to sell, including five $500's and 2 $1,000's. Message me if interested.
anybody have any BCC Chips they are looking to part with ? Grand Island Hotel & Casinos ? lmk asap thanks

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