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Apr 7, 2015
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Hello Chippers!
Nothing like waiting until the last minute, AGAIN. I am asking for team sponsor donations for our fourth time raising funds for the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation by participating in their 5k walk (I am not a runner).

Here is a link to the original post from 2018 (please note that none of those chips are for sale, for the internet challenged like me): https://www.pokerchipforum.com/thre...rn-brain-tumor-foundation-ends-9-15-18.33163/


We’re a non-profit organization on a mission to fund research to find a cure for brain tumors. We provide supportive and safe environments for patients, families, and caregivers to share experiences, learn about current therapies, and receive information about various aspects of a brain tumor diagnosis and treatment through monthly support group meetings.

Our 2019 Walk Pics:

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[ATTACH type="full" alt="A person and a child holding signs

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Link to Team Lucky Dog

Vera’s Page:

Long story short, we celebrated my wife’s “7-year brainiversary” last July and again decided to walk the 5k to help raise money for others affected by brain tumors. While it is not a lot, every bit helps.

So, other than just inviting folks to donate, I am sweetening the deal. Donate $25 or more and receive this fabulous free gift:


Card guard – a genuine (obsolete) $500 slot token from the L’auberge Casino Resort at Lake Charles, LA in an airtight. (Limited to the first 18, I only had 18 airtights).


Simply go to the link, click the Donate Now button, and complete your donation. Send me a DM with your mailing address (and name you used for donation, if not easily identifiable) and I will send you this lovely gift.

In addition, I am auctioning a rack of minty looking (to me, you judge) Casino de Mexico 1 chips that have Gear Labels Casablanca $1 over the CDM Label. The auction price includes shipping (US), international will be actual cost and you will need to help me get them to you (ignorant of international shipping).
Here is the link to the auction, ends Sunday September 18th at 8pm Eastern Time (US).


Thanks again everyone who donates, participates in the auction, or cared enough to read the text. I really do appreciate the folks I have met here and who make this a place I still like to visit and make friends. I reserve the right to add more stuff to sell or auction, hope to break $1,000 this year!

Thanks bunches! F*ck Cancer!
BiGGyT aka Tim


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Well, Vera did not have a good day yesterday so I walked solo today. Was cool temperature but that 2mile hill is a killer so was huffing the last mile. Met the chairman of the board while walking, he has been serving for 12 years and is a survivor. Thanks to all that donated, we raised $1,881 this year, best one ever!


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