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Jul 29, 2015
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Does anybody have good ideas for/pics of rolling edges for a ceramic set? I'm taking advantage of Game On's August deal. I don't like text on edge or aligned spots on ceramics, but would love your suggestions. Thanks.
Dashes, suits, and dots seem to work well too.
Best suggestion I have is to look through the custom ceramic sets here and on CT, in addition to browsing the web sites of ceramic/plastic chip manufacturers/distributors for ideas (brpro, pokerchiplounge, PGI, GOCC, ABC, OWPS, Sun-Fly, GPI, Matsui, etc.). Even searching for ceramics on eBay or google images might bring up a large list for ideas.

Do you have the face artwork completed, or a rough idea of what it will be like? I've always thought that rolling edge designs that were related to the face design worked well.
There's going to be a pic of a dog on one side with a value on the other. Words like tournament chip and no cash value. No fake casino name. Inspiration was some of the Florida kennel club chips.
I thought about using a paw print as part of a border on the chip face, which might make the rolling edge overkill. This is the first mockup from Chipco. It's a long way from completion.


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You could do a variety of dog things... a bone, a pawprint, a food dish, a kong, a ball, a knotted rope... that's six different things around the edge, which might be good because your design has four elements. If you did four or eight things around the edge, it would seem misaligned unless it's centered, but with six, it will just look separate.

My other thought was a single leash or chain that goes all the way around the chip, but I'm not liking the idea.
I like the idea of incorporating these objects into the design somehow.

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