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Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
As I look to improve my game, one position where I feel I have a leak is in the SB playing against the BB in SRPs.
IP vs BB I tend to default to cbetting 100% of my range 1/3 pot and deviate from there based on flop textures and my actual hand.
In this case I tend to have a clear range advantage and position so I think cbetting makes sense even with air. I'll play my range not my hand.

But I'm finding that more often than not when I cbet in SB with air, I'm getting called.
When the turn doesn't improve my equity, generally I have started checking because I'm finding that when I barrel turn a high % of the time V ends up calling as he has hit the board - which is probably why he called my cbet. I am downloading hand histories and looking at hole cards to see what V had when we dont get to SD.

So that is leading me to think about my flop checking range in SB vs BB. I am looking at scenarios in PokerSnowie and am surprised that in the scenario below a check is recommended 100% of the time. In this case I dont have much of a range advantage, but I am uncapped and at the top of my range while BB is capped. But outside a small number of combos we both have about the same # of Ax in our range.

This play below seems kind of tight to me - in my limited experience, if I check BB is betting, 1/2 pot if he hit the board 2/3 to pot if he missed and I struggle to continue to either bet. When SB checks, Snowie folds to a 1/2 pot BB bet or greater.

So I am reluctant to check/fold here - anyone have an approach to cbetting flops in this configuration that you could share?

SB Check.JPG
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Nov 16, 2018
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Perhaps you’re raising too much in this situation? Hence c-betting too often. Also, I like to have at least an overcard/backdoor draw/gutshot type hand to cbet. Something that can pick up outs to warrant a follow through on the turn. Giving up most complete air hands oop.
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