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Mar 19, 2015
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Hi, I want to show you mi set of 300 casino royale chips, I bought and they are great.

I love these chips! Looking for more to add to my set. Do you have any extra or looking to sell? Thanks
Who manufactures these?

Bond, a local in my home game, has a set of the super high denominations of these. They stack and handle pretty well.
There are 2 kind of Poker Roayle chips. The other is a 10 gram china clay spirit mold that I just bought to replace my more valuable ones.
My favorite part in the video is when I got to see all the numbers on the dice in slow motion. :) but seriously nice set. Enjoy.
These chips have been discontinued for roughly 8 months maybe a little more. I have over 1300 of them and was so mad they changed them to crown casino. From what a place told me that I called, they had to relabel them due to casino royale copyright issues

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