For Sale Casino Magic, Bay St Louis MS (RHC)

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Oct 31, 2014
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Casino Magic, Bay St Louis MS

9 x $1 -- used, a few flea bites, but generally pretty good shape
25 x $5 -- more used than the $1s but not too terrible
20 x $25 -- a little bit used, a few fleabites, mostly clean
55 x $25 -- RAZOR sharp unused, but stained -- these survived Hurricane Katrina but have some weird black stuff on them. (Not your standard casino goo, I'm not sure how to clean it off.)

Total 109 chips -- 75 USD

The Fine Print™:
Buyer pays shipping.
Payment accepted via PayPal (USD) or interac e-transfer if you're in Canada (PM me.)
"Dibs" means you are making a solid commitment to buy, at the posted price. Releasing is reneging.
Post in the thread before sending PM, so that others can tell what is still available.

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