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May 19, 2018
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New York City

Casino De Maiz-02 (1).jpg
Casino De Maiz-03.jpg

Hey ya'll,

Been working with the amazing @timinater on this custom set I'd like to build hopefully soon! Wanted to show everyone Tim's beautiful work on these designs and also get some feedback from the community!

Wanted to know everyone's opinion on these 2 inlays, which looks better and any suggest edits to make and your overall thoughts on the design. The inspiration for this set is the street I currently live on has the word corn in it and I found this really cool artwork with this corn woman on it and I thought it was funny and also pretty damn cool looking.

Also considering between naming it Casino de Maiz or Casa de Maiz, open to other suggestions as well!

Also would like to gather some opinions on what kind of chips ya'll think these would look good on, I've got samples of I think every single kind of chip except TRK's, so right now some things I'm debating are
  • Relabeling Paulsons (open to RHC or THC)
  • CPC Customs
  • Sunfly hybrids
  • ABC ceramics
  • Getting in on one of those card mold group buys.

That's pretty much everything, so here's so more pics of the design process!

Casino De Maiz-04.jpg

Casino De Maiz-01.jpg
Casino De Maiz-01 (1).jpg

Casino De Maiz-02.jpg

My apologies for the poor layout of the pics above lol.

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