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Nov 14, 2014
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Washington, DC
Sal comes on strong with the add on plaques for my Casablanca tourney set. I had enough proper chips to play at the old stakes but some discussion here and at CT convinced me to up the starting stacks (thanks guys it was the right choice). This of course necessitated more chips. I know, I know it's horrible but I had to do it. You all feel for me I'm sure. In any case Casablanca Hundos and Five Hundos are still available but the cost on the 500s is a bit steep and I realized I could extend the rebuys and do a little experiment with plaques. So I took the plunge with Old West Poker Supply. I literally gave Sal a picture of the chips and Paint drawing of what I was looking for. Out of that unholy mess we have the below. I know 2K is not usual but after some back and forth it didn't make sense to do a 1K and 5K. When these come into play (rebuys) it will give folks the chance to actually have a few to play with while still be a reasonable number for me to buy. With out further ado here are some quick iPhone snaps:


They feel flippin' marvelous. Anyone interested in adding plaques to their game would be batshit crazy not to give Sal their custom.
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Beautiful chips, beautiful plaque design, great choice of having a T2000... Top notch all the way, great set!
VERY nice work!

But... but where are the custom dealer buttons??? I mean, come on... you gotta be Chiroptera defecation insane to have those gorgeous custom plaques, and yet not have Sal make you a couple custom dealer buttons, too! :rolleyes:
Wow. Those came out real nice. And to think he made these with what sounds like very little prep required from your side.
Huge selling point.
Yes, it is a huge selling point. It's not Sal's first rodeo, though! I might even go WAY out on a limb and guess that he still had the Casablanca artwork from some previous projects. ;)
Very nice! Once again, Sal and OWPS delivers big. :D
A beautiful addition to the set. What size plaque did you go with?

Plaque added to my Custom Chip Database. Sal, do you do the art, or do you have in house artists? I want to give credit where it's due in the database.
looks great!!!

I've decided I will be getting my plaques from Sal also. However I am having J5 handle the design work. If I had any kind of direction I would just use Sal. Since I don't, might as well get the dude that everybody raves about.
They look terrific! Sal crushed it! I'm waiting on some 82mm PNY plaques from OWPS. Was going to do 94mm and the players overruled after they handled a sample plaque and said they preferred the 82mm size. Can't wait!!!

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