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Jul 29, 2013
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I have a set of 2,785 Caribbean Poker Classic Chipcos for sale. These chips were used for an annual poker tournament cruise leaving from Miami, I believe the did a half dozen or so tournaments before stopping the event. I had assembled the set with the intention of using them for a charity tournament, but it just hasn't materialized and they're taking up space. I've used about a third of them once since assembling the set. They are in good but used condition; it varies slightly from chip to chip, some look brand new, others show some signs of minor wear (a few scuffs, chip scrapes from shuffling, a little dirt) but no major fading or chipping.

Breakdown is below, I built it for up to 100 people (with 100 rebuys or add-ons), 3k starting stacks with plenty of higher denom for color ups:

878 - T25
978 - T100
429 - T500
400 - T1000
100 - T5000*

* The rack of T5k chips are NOT original CPCs. It was tough locating these in quantities, it was easier/cheaper to design a new T5k and have a rack custom made. They came out OK, the "chipco" white circle is a little too big IMHO but they're more than serviceable.

Price is $1000 for the whole set, shipping/pp fees not included. Will probably run between $40-$50 for USPS flat rate.

Alternatively, I can break the set up into three 600 chip sets with the following breakdown:

T25 - 200
T100 - 200
T500 - 100
T1000 - 80
T5000 - 20

Price for a setup with the breakdown above is $225, shipping/pp fees not included. Shipping will be USPS flat rate, I have to check to see if 600 chips will fit into a large flat rate.

Pics below, PM me with questions:

I'd send him a PM so he knows you're asking about them.
Thanks Tommy, been busy at work lately haven't checked back in a while - PM returned. :)
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