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Oct 11, 2013
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I've just been sent some complimentary cards after a slightly delayed eBay transaction and one pack is a plastic casino deck with entirely white backs. What game would use those? Surely that's a big security risk with them being much easier to mark?
I'm not sure that would make them easier to mark. Doesn't that make them HARDER to mark? Mark are usually hidden by the color and pattern on the card, right? At least traditional marking with fingernails and such. If we're talking a UV pen, then all bets are off.
I always figured one of the purposes of the pattern was to obscure any chance of seeing the face if any light was transmitted through the paper. Not likely with plastic cards, but still might be an issue.
a guy with your username should have had this all figured out long ago imo.
Surely that's a big security risk with them being much easier to mark?

It makes them easier to mark, especially inadvertently, but that's not a security risk, because the marks are so obvious.

Cardback designs have two major purposes, outside of aesthetics/branding:

1. Obscure unintentional marks and signs of wear, so that the cards do not have to be replaced too frequently.
2. Differentiate the decks in use, so that sneaking an outside card into play is more difficult.

Using two different color decks at a table - and different colors at adjacent tables - helps a bit, but nothing is cheat-proof.

Also, full-bleed cardback designs make it easy to spot a boxed card in the deck; that's why many magicians prefer cards with a white edge around the back (people spotting a boxed card can spoil the trick.)
Yes, perhaps I should have said it makes them much easier to ruin. It just seems a strange choice for casino cards (these are the Aristo cards).
I have some Sam's Town casino decks, not plastic, but also not "completely white".

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